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A man or woman is only as good as his/her tools!

These are the materials that I have found to work, sizes do matter! 

If you are running signature tables on a consistent basis you will need a Box with all the materials to be successful and get a large number of certifiable signatures.

Get those Signatures, NM Referendum Trainer

Annette Castillo,
Ward Chair, Los Lunas

My Mission and Adventure is to help organize YOU so that it becomes easy and practical for you to Collect Signatures.

The Referendum Project is VERY IMPORTANT...
For you, your children, your property values, your job!

This information will make the difference between having a beautifully portable KIT that travels well... 

And a mishmash of elements that don't work so well as this tried and true, very portable and efficient set up!

This is no time to "NOT DONATE"

There is an incredible amount of damage in the Legislation that our...

"No Checks and Balances" Roundhouse...
Passed in complete opposition to the will of the people...

They didn't even ask the "People" they simply pushed these bills through because they had the opportunity to do so.

How can you Donate??

Super Easy... Just Click this Button !!

CLICK & Donate to SAVE New Mexican Values !!

Printables needed -- are all in the Download Zip File Below:

Petitions for your County and all counties in New Mexico so you can send to anyone and everyone, no matter where they live in the State.

The bills you are soliciting signatures for.
(All six will fit in a 1" Binder, IF you print them double sided) 

Links to each bill to be printed:
(Everything is in Zip file, use Button Below)

HB4 Voting Rights Protections

HB7 Reproductive & Gender-Affirming Health Care

HB207 Expand Human Rights Act Scope

SB13 Reproductive Health Provider Protections

SB397 School Based Health Centers

SB180 Election Changes

Binder cover - Front - QR code Matrix
Party Platforms in English and Spanish
Better Together Press Release
County Signatures Needed Map
Progress and Pledge Spread Sheet
Volunteer Sign Up Spread Sheet
Referendum Talking Points on 1 page
Tally up your Petition Numbers flyer
Upright Message Counter Display

Download a Current Zip File of Everything Needed

In order to Get the Referendum Issues on the 2024 Ballot for all New Mexicans to have a say in the Laws that Govern their Families... certain numbers of votes need to come from each county.

The deadline is FAST APPROACHING...

NOT a Time for Mañana!!

New Mexico is known as, "The Land of Mañana" 

"An unspecified time in the future. later. someday. sooner or later."

Except there is a Specified Time... And if we don't ACT...

Our Children and their Children will Pay... or Move Away...

That time is exactly, just a few days away from today...

So Get Busy, Get Active, Save New Mexico!!