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Ambassador BeKwaz from Gitzorpia has arrived to help New Mexicans

End the Tyranny of 93 years of Democrat Leadership

That has served to drive New Mexico to the BOTTOM of all 50 states.

If it were not for the National Labs and Military Bases...

New Mexico would be DEAD LAST in every Category

Download Video SB397

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Download Video SB13

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Download Video SB180

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Download Video HB207

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Download Video Bad 4X

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This Middle Video...

Demonstrates the Beauty of Life

It's only 3 minutes long...

So enjoy

How Confused Humans can get Unconfused in JUST 3 minutes.

Ambassador BeKwaz from Gitzorpia 

Has been studying Humans

For a very long time...

And is confused how it is OK

To kill the most Innocent

And fight to save Murderers