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The New Mexico Referendum is the REMEDY for Laws passed in-spite of the WILL of the People - LEARN MORE NOW -- CLICK

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"[We] are advocating that every parent of a minor child in New Mexico’s public schools sign and send a letter to their school’s administration requiring that they be notified before any gender ideology information, gender altering services, hormone blockers, psycho-tropic medications or abortion services are provided to their child.

The recommended form letter has already been reviewed by lawyers who are ready and willing to engage on this important issue."

New Mexico CIVIL RIGHTS "ARTICLE 4A" inside of

Chapter 41 - Torts Collection of the
New Mexico Statutes Annotated 1978 LAW...
PROTECTS New Mexican Citizens

AGAINST Legislators that ABUSE powers Your Fellow Citizens














$2,000,000 for EVERY claim !!

This is why NM is LAST
or NEXT to LAST in EVERY Category

New Mexico ranks LAST

in child well-being,

as reported by the

"2022 KIDS COUNT" Data Book

New Mexico ranks No. 47 overall among U.S. states
based on 71 metrics across eight categories.

The People of New Mexico are taking a

STAND and Saying...

"NO WAY !!
To these Bad Bills !!

Passed Intentionally to Destroy Fair Elections,
Our Way of Life and our Children's Futures...

Learn about... "The Referendum Project"


CLICK and Donate if you can't Volunteer to Support Others! Help them... to Help You... and Your Family!

How and Why Citizens RESERVED the OPTION to Disapprove,

Suspend and Annul ANY law enacted by the Legislature...


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You're Going to Learn all about these BAD BILLS !!

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You can do this on your Kitchen Table in 10 Minutes

Region 1 Mailing Address

For these Counties, please send to: 

The Referendum Project

P.O. Box 3188
Roswell, NM 88202

Catron, Chaves, Colfax, Curry, De Baca, Dona Ana, Eddy, Grant, Guadalupe, Harding, Hidalgo, Lea, Lincoln, Luna, Mora, Otero, Quay, Roosevelt, San Miguel, Sierra, Socorro, Union.

Region 2 Mailing Address

For these Counties, please send to:           .

     The Referendum Project

P.O. Box 95735
Albuquerque, NM 87199

Bernalillo, Cibola,Torrance, Los Alamos,

McKinley,Rio Arriba, Sandoval, San Juan,

Santa Fe, Taos, Valencia.

How do I find and print my Petition ??

Scroll up to that big collections of red buttons

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How can YOU make sure you are signing it correctly?
The Petition Process was purposely designed
to be confusing! 

The above video take you through the
entire process in just a few short minutes!!


Enter your NAME and your Birthday
Then add your County and pick "I'm not a Robot"
Review the information for accuracy
Write down your Precinct -- for your Petition Forms

SELECT Bill Number & Your COUNTY Petition is inside!

There is NO TIME to LOSE...
TAKE just 20 minutes to Download your Set, complete the forms and Mail them in!
THEN... Get a Friend, Relative, Neighbor, Co-Worker and even STRANGERS... to do the SAME...
These BAD BILLS must be placed on Ballots!

Prefer to Learn about the Referendum -- in English?

¿Prefiere aprender sobre el referéndum, en Español?


Voting Rights

This bill invites voter fraud by heavily promoting automatic voter registration, with or without the consent of the person being registered.

It lowers voter qualifications to include even the incarcerated.

It increases 3rd party access to voter rolls, inviting 3rd party manipulation, encourages absentee and mail-in voting.

Increases points of collection with permanent drop boxes, making ballots highly susceptible to tampering.

Download HB-4 that was NEVER PUBLICLY VOTED ON
Download Talking Points HB-4 Analysis #1
Download HB-4 Analysis #2


Reproductive & Gender-Affirming Health Care

Anyone... absolutely anyone, can direct a minor to abortion or transgender interventions, both surgical and chemical, without parental notification.

Those who, by religious or conscientious objection, discourage these procedures or notify the minor’s parent, can be fined.
“Public bodies” must affirm the child’s request and must not tell the parents, or they are fined $5,000.

No state or local ordinance that conflicts with this bill, may be enforced.

The ‘born alive’ ruling will not be enforced (door to legalized infanticide).

Download HB-7 that was NEVER PUBLICLY VOTED ON
Download Talking Points HB-7 Analysis #1
Download HB-7 Analysis #2


Reproductive Health
Provider Protections

This bill works in tandem with HB7 by protecting from liability those who:

Refer, assist in, or perform abortion or transgender procedures, even on a minor from prosecution and civil actions.

Violates the 10th Amendment by disallowing enforcement of a subpoena from another state.

Lays out a welcome mat for:

Sex trafficking, and child predators, and questionable medical practitioners.

Download SB-13 that was NEVER PUBLICLY VOTED ON
Download Talking Points SB-13 Analysis #1
Download SB-13 Analysis #2



This bill is FILLED with new rules to:

Information from the public.

The referendum process.

of rigged elections.

The release of our tax information to the secretary of state.

Download SB-180 that was NEVER PUBLICLY VOTED ON
Download Talking Points SB-180 Analysis #1
Download SB-180 Analysis #2


Expand Human Identity Rights Act Scope

Expands sexual orientation and gender identity as a class with protected rights.

Just use your imagination and create a NEW identity, then force everyone to acknowledge this new imaginary identity. 
Because of this new class of nonsense,  you'll be sued because you are simply not interested in addressing others by...
PURE Biologic Chromosomal X or Y
Boy, Girl, Man & Woman Truths...

"Follow the Science" Accurately 
REPLACED by Reasons to Sue EVERYONE 

Download SB-207 that was NEVER PUBLICLY VOTED ON
Download Talking Points SB-207 Analysis #1
Download SB-207 Analysis #2


School Based
Health Centers

Facilitates HB7 by calling for

“school-based clinics”

Which would have authority to:

Provide physical, mental services, crisis intervention.

Refer for surgeries including abortion and transgender procedures on minors without parental notification.

Serves as a Government expansion in our communities.

Download SB-397 that was NEVER PUBLICLY VOTED ON
Download Talking Points SB-397 Analysis #1
Download SB-397 Analysis #2

¡A los hispanos nos han dicho que los demócratas son para los pobres y los representantes son para los ricos!

We Hispanics have been told that Dems are for the poor and Reps are for the rich!

La corrupción está fuera de control. Estas malas facturas le quitan sus derechos pero protegen a los delincuentes.

Corruption is out of Control.
These Bad Bills take away your rights
but protect criminals.

¡Los médicos se están yendo de NM porque Santa Fe apoya a los abortistas, NO a los médicos!

Doctors are Leaving NM because Santa Fe Supports Abortionists, NOT Doctors!!

Are you a Spanish Speaker?

¿Eres hispanohablante?

These videos are for you!

¡Estos vídeos son para ti!

¿Quiere permitir la transgénero de sus hijos preciosos sin su consentimiento?

Do you want to allow Transgendering of your Precious Kids without your consent?

Permitió que estos proyectos de ley pasaran SIN la APROBACIÓN del Pueblo. Artículo IV Sección I.

Allowed these Bills to pass WITHOUT the APPROVAL of the People.
Article IV Sec I.

Estos proyectos de ley malos convierten a Nuevo México en un estado RACISTA: ¡para quitarnos la voz!

These Bad Bills change New Mexico into a RACIST state -- to take away our voices!

Si lee HB-7, pregúntese, ¿su partido representa sus valores BÁSICOS?

If you READ HB-7 ask yourself, does your Party represent your CORE Values?

El Proyecto Referéndum es una batalla con el Secretario de Estado de NM. ¡Es una pelea seria!

The Referendum Project is a battle 
with the NM Secretary of State.
It's a serious fight!

¡¡APRENDE sobre el Proceso de Elección COMPLETO para que puedas ser un Buen Ciudadano!!

LEARN about the Process of Election so that you can be a Good Citizen!!

The New Mexico Referendum is the REMEDY for Laws passed in-spite of the WILL of the People -- LEARN MORE NOW -- CLICK


Referendum Information

The last legislature passed, and the governor signed, several laws which are offensive to God's will and/or are dangerous to the democratic practices in our state.

What is a referendum?

Allows the general public of the state to challenge a law passed by the legislature.

With a certain percentage of signatures, the law can be voted on in the next general election. (Estimated to be about 70,000.

With a larger percentage,

the law can be nullified. (Est. about 180,000).

Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Health Care Freedom Act.

Public bodies and their employees may not discriminate against, deny, or prosecute or punish persons requesting abortions or gender-affirming health care.

"Public bodies" includes all entities that receive public funds. Includes schools, state, county, and local agencies, and colleges.

Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Health Care Protection Act

Protects providers of abortions or gender-affirming procedures from prosecution and civil actions

Expand Human Rights Scope

Adds sexual orientation as a class with protected rights.

Adds gender identity as a class with protected rights.


School-based Health Centers

Provide physical and mental health services, crisis intervention, and referrals for additional treatment within the school campus or within safe walking distance from the school.

Further removes the health care of children from parental control.

All these services are already available through other sources. Serves as an expansion of government influence in our communities.

Voting Rights Protections

Felons are eligible to register and vote after being released from prison.

Changes "citizen" to "resident," potentially allowing aliens to vote.

Both of these were authorized by constitutional amendment in 2010. This law would actually put that practice in place.

But, the law still requires that a person registering to vote shall provide a physical form of ID with name, photograph, and address (or other current document showing address).

Other changes weakening the integrity of elections.


Election Changes

Further verifies use of ballot drop-boxes and other changes not conducive to secure election procedures.

Over the next few weeks,

we will have the referendum sheets available

for you to sign and

help defeat these evil laws.

Thank you.


Informacion Sobre El Referendum

La última legislatura aprobó, y la gobernadora firmó, varias leyes que son ofensivas para la voluntad de Dios y/o son peligrosas para las prácticas democraticas en nuestro estado.

 ¿Qué es un referéndum?

Permite al público en general del estado impugnar una ley aprobada por la legislatura.

Con un porcentaje determinado de la firma, la ley puede ser votada en la siguiente eleción general (estimado en alrededor de 70,000 - con un porcentaje mayor, la puede ser anulada (estimado alrededor de180,000).

Reproducción y Género

Afirmación de la Ley de Libertad de Atención Médica.

Los cuerpos públicos y sus empleados no podrán discriminar, negar o enjuiciar a las personas que soliciten abortos o atención médica que aficione el género.

"Cuerpos Públicos" incluye todas las entidades que reciben fondos públicos. Incluye escuelas, agencias estatales, del condado y locales, y universidades.

Ley de Protección de la Atención de la Salud Reproductiva y de

Afirmación de Género

Protege a los proveedores de abortos o procedimientos de afirmación de género de la persecución y las acciones civiles.

Ampliar el Alcance de Los Derechos Humanos

Añade orientación sexual como una clase con derechos protegidos.

Agrega la identidad de género como una clase con derechos protegidos.

Centros de Salud en la Escuela

Proporcionan servicios de salud física y mental, intervención de crisis y

referencias para tratamiento adicional dentro del mundo académico

escolar o a una distancia segura a pie de la escuela. Retira además la

atención de la salud de los niños del control de los padres. Todos estos

servicios ya están disponibles a través de otras fuentes. Sirve como una

extensión de la influencia del gobierno en nuestras comunidades.

Protección de Derechos Electorales

Los felones son elegibles para registrarse y votar después de ser liberados de la prisión

Cambia "ciudadano" a "residente", potencialmente permitiendo que los extranjeros voten.

Ambos fueron autorizados por la enmienda constitucional en 2010. Esta

ley realmente pondría esa practica en lugar.

Pero, la ley aún requiere una persona que se registre para votar debe

proveer una forma física de identificación con nombre, fotografía y

dirección (o otro documento actual que muestre la dirección).

Otros cambios que debilitan la integridad de las elecciones.

Cambios Electorales

Verifica aún más el uso de las casillas de votación y otros cambios que

no conduzcan a asegurar los procedimientos electorales.

En las próximas semanas,

tendremos las hojas del referéndum

disponibles para que usted

firme y ayude a derrotar estas leyes malvadas.

¡Muchisimas Gracias!

CLICK to find Petition Signing Events near you...

How are we going to challenge these Bad Bills?       (It's Easy!!)

If the petitions are signed by not less than 25% of the total numbers of votes cast during the 2022 general election, the law will be suspended and submitted to a vote at the next general election, which is about 200,000.

If the petitions are signed by not less than 10% of the total numbers of votes cast during the 2022 general election the law will go into effect but it will be submitted to a vote at the next general election. 3/4 of the counties must meet the percentage requirement.

The remaining counties provide the quantity sufficient to meet the total state per centum. If votes of 40% or more are cast to reject the bill, it shall be annulled, otherwise it will go into effect. 

Who can sign the Petitions?

Only Qualified Electors and Registered Voters.

Qualified Elector Note:
Qualified Electors need to be legal residents of the USA and legal residents of New Mexico -- a copy of their ID and must be sent in with their petition.

If you're not registered and want to be:

Go to NMvote.org

 Then scroll to Register to vote, click on it...

 Then click NEXT 3 times,

 Then fill out 10 steps of personal info including what Party affiliation you want. 


What Party aligns with my values?

Go to:

1). Once it pulls up "My Districts" -- find your precinct, then:


2). Print clearly and Sign your legal name (What is on your driver's license or Id) as shown in the Video Training.
(Example shows printed name and signature below it)

3). Fill in your registered address and precinct you must put your entire address: Street number and name, City, State, Zip code and Precinct, as shown in the example.

4). The video above should be followed exactly... you will read and verify the information gathered from the Link Above... Fill our your Petitions with the exact same information -- EVEN IF YOU HAVE MOVED -- use the Official Information on record for your Petitions.

5). Lastly, you can mail all completed petitions to:

Referendum Project
P.O. Box 3188,
Roswell, NM 88202

or you can give it to your county captain.

We have Training videos!

We have Answers to Frequently asked Questions!

Yes, you love Freedom and the State of New Mexico!

Yes, we would love you to help gather signatures!

It is as easy as following the Video above, anyone can do it!

CLICK for Everything you'll need to set up your own Signature Gathering Table!

You can view the Referendum Streamathon with these links.



Schools Not academically focused!

Our New Mexican Kids can’t cope with the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic but they can list 58 gender options.

“School districts are no longer academically focused. We are doing our students a disservice by allowing a biased curriculum to take over.”

“If parents knew what goes on in our schools, the majority would be appalled.” Standing up against WOKE guilt crimes at the board meeting is likely to earn FBI surveillance and criminal charges.

How Did We Get HERE??

“Indoctrination” does not help amid a worsening teacher shortage that forced TAXPAYERS to pay millions to out-of-state agencies to recruit and retain more educators.” The problem is only getting worse.

We are losing good teachers because of an imposed divisive rhetoric that does not inspire mutual goodwill.” The teachers leaving are all races that are sick of not being able to TEACH.

It’s like the Department of Education is intentionally trying to start a race war.

In many schools, teacher are quitting en-masse -- in one day, four teachers said they are contemplating leaving the profession.

This generation has given up on reading anything which doesn’t have pictures for clues as to content. They use emojis like Egyptians used Hieroglyphics.

  • Problem #1: Teach Reading, Writing and Arithmetic... not Pronouns 

  • Problem #2: Teach Civics -- so our Kids understand the PROCESS of Governance, Discussion, Debate and Compromise for the good of all those around them.

  • Problem #3:  Get Discipline back into the Classroom!

  • Problem #4: Sort Kids by ABILITY so that those needing help -- get it and those that can EXCEL -- will EXCEL

  • You Deserve to Live A Better Life

    Washington DC and Santa Fe are being run by SPECIAL INTERESTS

    And many would say -- is being run by Politicians bought and sold by forces that are dedicated to destroying the American Ideal.

  • Achieve #1: Border Security

  • Achieve #2: Stop Unchecked INSANE Government Spending

  • Achieve #3: Stop attacking People of Faith and Destroying Families

  • Achieve #4: Elect an equal number of members of each party so there can actually be discussion, debate and a healthy balance of power that protects the PEOPLE...
    Instead of our overwhelming majority of Democrats.
    This current 2/3 ratio has been proven for at least 93 YEARS to be the FORMULA to drive EXCELLENCE out of New Mexico and replace it with Cronyism, Nepotism, Favoritism & ROCK BOTTOM RESULTS.

  • Here's  What People Are Saying  About These BAD BILLS:

    ''We are lost forever as one of the most beautiful states in the wonderful Republic for Which we Stand if we allow the SIX insane Bills to go unchallenged.
    These bills do not reflect the WILL of the PEOPLE but only reflect the DESIRES of the DNC Political Class in the Round House and in Washington DC...
    Our State & Country are ON THE WRONG PATH... and it must be corrected.''

    Adam R. - Albuquerque

    ''Land of Mañana?

    "The joke is that mañana doesn't mean it'll get done in the morning, or sometime tomorrow; it just means it isn't going to happen today...

    Jerri T. - Santa Fe

    ''Tierra de Mañana?
    "La broma es que mañana no significa que se hará por la mañana, o en algún momento de mañana; solo significa que no sucederá hoy...

    Jerri T. - Santa Fe

    Here's how you do it... you get a kit from us... arrange a location and follow our simple training and instructions to collect Petition Signatures... that's STEP #1... then help people to VOTE!!

    Annette C. - Los Lunas

    Download the MASTER County Petitions and County Captain Contacts File NOW

    Forced Vaccinations... for Children?

    The "Next Bad Bill"?

    Children have amazingly resilient immune systems so why is this continuing?

    A CDC survey of blood samples suggest that more than 90% of children have already had Covid-19 at least once.

    There is uncertainty about exactly how much risk the virus will continue to pose

    According to Fortune, citing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), less than 70% of children in the U.S. under age 2 were considered “fully vaccinated” — defined as “having received a full set of shots for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, and other diseases common before the vaccine era” — during 2020-2021.

    The CDC data also show that only 10% of children between the ages of 6 months and 4 years had received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose as of Dec. 31, 2022.

    During Chelsea Clinton's presentation at Fortune’s Brainstorm Health Conference, Clinton described the rise in “vaccine hesitancy” and growing rejection of vaccines as “unfortunate,” adding that she had “tempered” her words.

    “No one should die of polio, measles, or pneumonia — including in this country, where we also need people to vaccinate their kids,” she added.

    “The Big Catch-up” also aims to promote other vaccines that are not part of childhood immunization schedules.

    According to the WHO:

    “In addition to catching-up on childhood immunization, intensified efforts are needed to introduce the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to adolescents to prevent cervical cancer, particularly in low- and middle-income countries where the burden is highest.”

    Aside from the WHO, CHAI, UNICEF and the Gates Foundation, other partners involved with “The Big Catch-up” include Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and Immunization Agenda 2030.

    Commenting on the initiative, Chris Elias, M.D., MPH, president of global development at the Gates Foundation, said “Vaccines are a public health triumph,” adding that “We must double down to reach all children with the vaccines they need to live healthier lives and ensure that future generations live free of preventable diseases like polio.”

    Elias participated in a March 2021 simulation of a global monkeypox outbreak that hypothetically would occur in May 2022 — which turned out to be the month that a global outbreak of monkeypox actually began.

    Other participants in the simulation included Dr. Margaret Hamburg, a former FDA commissioner on the board of Gavi, and George Fu Gao, Ph.D., former director-general of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, who is a member of the WHO’s One Health High-Level Expert Panel that aims to promote the concept of “One Health” globally.

    Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, also commented on “The Big Catch-up”:

    “We cannot allow a legacy of the pandemic to be the undoing of many years’ work protecting more and more children from deadly, preventable diseases. Global health partners, working with governments and communities, must do everything we can to protect the life of every child.”

    Berkley, who formerly was affiliated with the CDC and the Rockefeller Foundation, has previously praised efforts to combat “misinformation” on the internet and the WHO’s decision to extend the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

    The Gates Foundation, Gavi, UNICEF, the WHO and the Rockefeller Foundation are interconnected in a number of ways.